Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nakuru: I Met Your Sponsored Child Today

This is going to be short tonight. I think my baby is hindering my usual ability to adapt to a severe time change. (Another thing I'll hang over her head later on in life.)

As we took our journey out from Nairobi to Nakuru early this morning (well, not that early since I was up by 3:45am...), we had great conversation in the car with Peter (a formerly sponsored Ugandan/Rwandan who is now a US field staff) about the country of Kenya. It's surreal to be driving into a part of the country that was under so much political and civil unrest that started only 3 years ago.

We turned the corner to the Great Rift Valley, and...woe.


Around the corner dad and I took our first Kenyan picture together. Only took us 3 days.

That's right folks! Coke and chickens.

On the way we saw baboons!! Lots of baboons!!! Momma baboons. Daddy baboons. And even a baby baboon! We passed to quickly to get pictures of any of them. Then around another turn...Zebras. God's famous work.

So fast forward 2 hours...

We arrived at the KAG Church in Nakuru and were greeted with (now familiar) Kenyan warmth and formality. Immediately dad and Pastor Wallace hit it off. It was evident. Beautiful Peninah showed us a tour and we saw tons and tons and tons of Compassion children. Tons. They were in class with their other sponsored friends.

On Saturdays the Compassion children meet at the project center for bible class and other learning. So it was a great day to be there.

We had a long and detailed discussion about both our churches' beliefs, goals, ministries, and various other things. I believe both sides feel it went very well. Pastor Wallace kept referring to us as "married" churches now. He mentioned all the things past donors had done for them, and although they were greatly appreciative, they have never had someone come alongside of them as a partner. We are making that come true now.

Some of the children in a dance club performed for us!! Cindy and Charlie - your beautiful boy is in the back row, 2nd to the end on the right.
Peter said, "We're in Africa now!!"

After lunch we met 4 sponsored children. Their sponsors are Charlie and Cindy:

Matt and Angie:

Holly and Brad:

And mom and dad:

Notice the expressions. For those of you who have asked, "why isn't my sponsored child smiling in their picture?" I'll tell you. Before the picture they're laughing and giggling and shaking their head "yes" to a photo op. The camera comes up. Smile goes away. camera comes down. Giggling ensues. Sometimes (like holly's little Elsie) the giggling becomes jumping.)

Culturally these children aren't used to having the attention of a camera. So they don't know to smile. Even when told.

We went to Denis' home. It was similar to the tin walled home from yesterday. Small. Multiple seats. Lace curtains. Dad gave him and his little brother some gifts. And they were a hit!!

After that. I met YOUR sponsored child. That's right. I said YOUR.

There are currently 300 children in this center. And starting February 13, we'll have 50 more of them to sponsor by Celebration Fellowship! This is our first, and most crucial step, in partnering with KAG Nakuru.

And I should mention, your sponsored child....

is beautiful.

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  1. how incredible! God is soo good! Thanks for sharing...especially loved the pics!!

  2. I am so grateful for such an awesome opportunity to walk alongside and sponsor this wonderful group of God fearing christians! Thank you Tiffany and James for letting us experience this with you! It changes your heart! It's so good!
    Jen Gould

  3. Thank you so much for all the update Tiff! Very blessed to read your blog. (it is raining ice here!)