Friday, July 10, 2015

Kid and Baby Sales!! (Disney, clothes, and more)

My husband said to me the other day, "You like to shop."

My response, blank stare.

The truth is, I can rarely resist a good sale. Lord, help me. Because a lot of them have been made known to me recently. So I'll share them with you in hopes I won't be the only one spending their hard earned pay checks over the interwebs these days.

Ooh goodness, be careful. Lots of really great kid clothes here. The kid clothes seem to be higher quality than the adults. But there's good options for us as well. Sizes for the wee ones tend to run large.

Disney Store Sale on Sale
I always love this. An extra 25% off clearance items TODAY ONLY (July 10, 2015) with code extra25

Boon at Target 
Their super cute drying rack (good for bottles, cups, pacifiers, etc) are too cute. And 10% off until the end of the month.

Disney Baby Feeding at Babies R Us
Come on. What baby, toddler, or preschooler doesn't need to show their #DisneySide? I mean, we pretty much drink our tea and coffee out if nothing but Disney mugs. So why shouldn't they enjoy their morning milk out of a Sully cup? Heck, I'll use it. Lots of options with straws too which is good for ALL ages to use instead of the tip-back style sippy cup which is bad for their teeth. (It's basically a bottle with a different shaped nipple on it.) Includes pacifiers, bowls, cups, floor and table toppers, and more. BOGO 50% off until the end of the month.

If you don't know Zulily, you're missing out. Get ready to be rocked. Right now some of my favorites sales include rain gear (for all ages), Disney Bumpkins (wet bags, wipeable bibs), MLB gear and decor, whimsical garden decor, various Star Wars costumes and gear, and much more. Beware moms, there's also a shop for Coach, Kate Spade, and DVF. If you can't find something specific that I've mentioned in a sale category, just type it in the search bar.

This is a new one for me. A place where artists can put up their original (and not so original) artwork for sale in different formats. Recently I've ordered a duvet with Peter Pan on it for June's big girl bed and a Beauty and the Beast iphone case that shipped out in under 2 hours after ordering. Also on my list is this Adventure is Out There pillow from Disney Pixars' UP! We'll probably be ordering family t-shirts from here for our September Walt Disney World family vacation. You can use the code lilextra for 25% off, found on

Enjoy your spending! And don't blame me. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Baby Gear Reviews. What You Need, What You Want

If you haven't seen Baby Mama, you need to. Today. It's hilarious. And shows you what can happen if you baby proof your toilet too soon...

There's something about a baby store that makes me want to squeal with glee. And there's a lot of baby store stops for me recently. (Yes, we're pregnant. Yes, again.) And lots of friends are having babies, too!!!

I LOVE babies. And baby stores. And baby registries. And all things BABIES!!!

So! here's a review of my favorite baby things. Click on the titles to check them out. And in my usual broadway style song and dance, "these are a few of my favorite things:"

Boon Flair Highchair
Why I love it: Very, very few creases, no fabric. Translation: easy to clean last night's spaghetti off of it when you decide to watch a movie after bedtime instead of cleaning up. Also comes with 2 plastic trays to have one in the dishwasher and the other on the highchair. Perfect. Comes in a variety of colors.
What I'd fix: the bottom clasp is hard to remove from the chair so it's not as easy to throw in the washing machine. However, it doesn't get as dirty as anything else since it's under the tray.

Ingenuity 2-1 Chair
Why I love it: no creases (see note above about cleaning it); comes in a variety of good colors; perfect to take to a friend's house for dinner when you need a baby seat. Or grandma's. Or the park birthday party, etc. It could be your sole high chair at home and save you the need for a Bumbo seat.
What I'd fix: the bottom safety strap is a little too long for our skinny kitchen chairs. But it's fit on every other chair I've used. It has a back safety strap too so this isn't really a problem. Just minor thing.

Joovy Hook On Chair
Why I love it: great to keep in the trunk to take to Panera when the babe is really too small to fit in a "regular" high chair. Comes in variety of colors (obviously this is important) and cleans well.
What I'd fix: a little difficult to collapse one handed if you have to hold the baby while you put it up. The buttons seem to go the wrong way....but after you figure it out, it's easier. This seat has saved us a ton.

Nuna Pipa Carseat
Why I love it: one simple reason...the anti rebound bar. Europe is way ahead of us y'all. Bottom line. It also goes to a height of 32 inches and 32 pounds which is longer and heavier than any other infant carrier I know of. Also I love the dream drape. Perfection. This will be our next carseat.

Chicco Keyfit 30
Why I love it: great basic seat with 30 pound capacity. Got me through 2 kids around 18 months old each. Smaller frame than some of the other carriers.
What I'd fix: more colorful options. (duh)

Diono Radian RXT
Why I love it: slimmest frame with reinforced steel for side impact. You can put 3 of these seats in a single row. Goes up to 120 pounds as high back booster and 40 pounds rear facing. No need to ever get another seat after the infant carrier. (Actually works at 5 pounds but not a great seat to switch in multiple cars due to the weight of seat. Remember - steel reinforced.) Material is soft and easy to clean.
What I'd fix: fits so well in the seat that it can be difficult to tighten the harness when rear facing. After you get used to pulling on it hard enough, it's great. Uses a ratcheting system to tighten which is a learning curve from the infant carrier.

NuRoo Nursing Scarf
Why I love it: versatility, style, weight of fabric, everything is great about this. Covers just enough (if that's your thing) and then looks like a scarf for the rest of the day
What I'd fix: more pattern options. Although I love the stripes.

Muslin or Bamboo Swaddle Blankets like Aden and Anais or SwaddleDesigns
Why I love it: they're big and lightweight and get softer with each wash. Great for swaddling, playing on the floor or grass, nursing, etc. Perfect for hot weathered states like Texas.
What I'd fix: nothing....absolutely nothing.

Wet Bag
Why I love it: keeps everything from soiled clothes (baby's or your's...), wet burp clothes, dirty bibs, etc. away from everything else in your bag. Seriously, don't roll up a poopy onesie and stick it in the same place pacifiers and bibs go. No. Don't do it.
What I'd fix: nothing. nope.

Medela Pump In Style Breastpump or Hygeia EnJoye with Internal Battery
What I love: the internal battery in the Hygeia is fantastic. You can walk around as needed. The Medela has a letdown phase which is great but a seasoned nurser could do without it.
What I'd fix: I don't love the creases in the Hygeia flange set because it seemed more difficult to clean, but those can be switched out with a medela set.

Medela Washable Nursing Pads
What I love: they don't stick to you like some of the other brands. They are real soft and get softer with each wash. So affordable too. Get a few packs.
What I'd fix: not a dang thing

Shea Moisture Baby Ointment
What I love: great for bottoms, eczema, really dry skin. Smells great and it's organic.
What I'd fix: if it were a couple dollars cheaper I'd have it in every room of the house

Burts Bees Lavendar Bath products especially the bath wash and lotion
What I love: this stuff has seriously helped several mom's I know get their babies into a good night routine. The lavendar works y'all. Tear free.
What I'd fix: can't think of it. Maybe if I could get a subscription for this for the first 12 months.

Summer Infant SwaddleMe wrap and Aden and Anais Sleepsack
What I love: keeps blankets out of the freaking bed!!!!!!!!!!! but makes baby feel secure. Both of my kids used them for a loooong time. Like until 2 years. They come in different weights.
What I'd fix: I still haven't seen a good one with long sleeves for the winter.

Stay tuned for more of my favorite things and things you can do without.

Monday, June 22, 2015

When Should My "Baby" Start Wearing a Helmet?

I overheard a really scary statistic in the office today. In our hospital (to remain nameless to protect the innocent...and myself), less than 10% of bike crashes that are admitted for treatment or observation are wearing a helmet at the time of injury. You wanna know the same statistic for kids wearing helmets on ripsticks and scooters? 0%. Yes. ZERO.

Let me rephrase that. If your kid got in a bike crash and was injured enough to be admitted to the hospital - 9 out of 10 of them weren't wearing a helmet. None of the ripstick and scooter kids who were hurt enough to need admission were wearing helmets. NONE.


So when should they start wearing helmets? When they start picking up some speed? When they are big enough to lose the training wheels when they're tall enough to be more than a foot from the ground?? No. Start the practice of wearing a helmet the FIRST time they ever get on wheels in the first place. Come on. You know the drill. The earlier you introduce good habits (and morals for that matter), the easier they stick. And the less you have to fight with them later about it.

Is there a conclusion for this? Yes. We can't fix brains. So protect them. If your kid doesn't like the helmet, no bike. No scooter. You're the adult. Set the rules. They'll appreciate it when they don't have to go to prom in a wheelchair with a chaperone to suction out their tracheostomy. And if they don't appreciate it then, it doesn't matter anyway.

But this little face matters...

Lady Bug helmet by Bell on June, age 3 1/2y at time of picture, and Disney Cars helmet on Max age 2 years. Both under $20.