Monday, February 14, 2011

Skin Tight Jeans

I hate to say it, but I like Katy Perry's music. Dang. I said it.

And last night on the Grammy's...I have to say it again. Barbra Freakin' Streisand.


Did you see Rhianna's dress?!? Hello!!! Where can I get that. Perfect for doing the dishes in. If I were black, I'd do that to my hair too.

Esperanza Spalding. You're my new "it."

Gaga - stop it with the shoulder thing. It's gross. You're gross.

And might I also add, I have heard the cast from Glee do most of those songs as well, if not better than the original artists. Bam.

Something my mom said, and I love it when she talks about him, "Again I say, Eminem is a genius." Bottom line.

Tonight I go back to the great Betty Lynn Buckley for class. I have missed the last 2 classes because of my recent world travels, and we have been on a class break because of her current performance in Arsenic and Old Lace in Dallas. You REALLY need to go see her. Seriously. You'll love it. Tickets here. Wonderful review here. Get it. Do it. Go.


  1. Ben and I are big fans of Esperanza Spalding! She's pretty much amazing. :-)

  2. Awesome, Linda beat me to it. Esperanza is simply amazing. Did you know that she is a teacher at Berkeley at such a young age?