Thursday, November 17, 2011

There's a kind of a sort of cost

"There's a kind of a sort of cost, there's a couple of things get lost" -Glinda, Wicked

When I entered into the world of Apple, I didn't realize the cost. Not the monetary cost, but the cost of having constant connection to the social networking world at the very tips of your actual fingers. There was rarely a need to use my REAL computer anymore. So what's the cost exactly? Not blogging as much. No keyboard :: no blogging.

Oh yeah. And I had a baby.

There's a lot to say. Some of it will obviously have to wait. Or you'll be sitting here through Christmas reading it. After all, it's been since June 14th that I've posted.

So let's get down to it, shall we?

First on the list....

NEWSIES!!!!! It's coming to Broadway!!!! I say "coming" like I live there. I guess I should say "going" to Broadway. Unfortunately it's an Nederlander Theater which is not one of my favorites. But it's housed quite a few of my favorites, so I guess it's only fitting.

Have you guys read any of the latest blogs from Compassion's trip to Ecuador? Oh holy moly. There's some powerful stuff in there. Read some of them here. Or you can click on the Compassion Ecuador banner on the right hand of the page. My particular favorites are from Ann Voscamp this year.

Speaking of Compassion. We'll be offering the opportunity to donate money towards water filters very soon. These water filters will go directly to our church partners in Kenya. They provide clean water (no dirt, no microbes, no sickness!!) for an entire family for life! In fact, our local water expert Charlie Anderson did the math and he said it would make clean water for 65 people for life!!! And they're only $55!!!!! Crap dang. Sign me up! I want to be a part of that story in heaven!! So hold your horses, it's coming soon.

Ok, we'll do this again soon. It's been nice talking at you. :)

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