Thursday, May 3, 2012

Don't Kill Your Kids

"Wow. Why do you gotta start like that? After months of silence?"

Yeah get over it. Just read this crap.


No, this is not when your kid runs themselves around so crazy until they pass out from heat exhaustion. Here, hyperthermia stands for a kiddo who dies in a hot car. Texas is the leading state in this tragedy. So pay attention. here's some chilling statistics:

- The temperature goes up 20 degrees in 10 minutes, up 30 degrees in 20 minutes, up 50+ degrees in an hour.
- 51% of hyperthermia deaths are children forgotten by their caregivers
- 30% are children who went to play in the car and couldn't get out
- almost 500 deaths IN TEXAS since 1998

Here's a news story by a nurse at Cook who lost her little 4 year old Lilly last summer in the blistering hot SUV....while she was on maternity leave. Seriously.
Local Mom Raises Warnings After Child's Death

Some great take home tips:
-put something in the front seat or on the steering wheel that reminds you the kiddo is in the backseat
-put something in the backseat by the child like your phone or your house keys (keep them separate from your car key like on a carabiner clip for easy access) So you have to go back there before you go inside
-always lock your car when not in use and check the backseat when you go inside even if the kids aren't with you, put the keys where they're inaccessible to children
-NEVER run back inside to grab something or make a quick trip to the bathroom while you leave the kid in the car. It's not worth the risk of forgetting your child in a car that reaches death temperatures in under 10 minutes!!

Need more REALLY in depth info and stats and such? Here you go: Golden Gate Weather - Hyperthermia


Don't believe me that they're dangerous? We had 3 amputations and two impalements in ONE MONTH from riding AND push mowers. Here's a story (and a gnarly picture) of one family that was ready to talk about it.

Girl Impaled In Neck

Some more good tips:
- Children (and adults) should be inside if a mower is turned on. They shoot debris out all the time. Don't get caught taking a wire to the neck.
- Children should never be on a riding lawn mower. Period.
- wear boots and jeans when mowing. Even if you don't get debris it'll protect you from snake bites. That's another post for another time. But trust me.

Want to know if your kid is ready to mow the lawn? Here's AAP's recommendations for you:

AAP Lawn Mower Rec's

For those of you who think I'm jaded or over protective or whatever other bull you can come up with to deny the reality of these situations....just ask yourself if you're willing to risk that for your own child.

I'm not.

- Brought to you by 'Can't Fix Stupid' Trauma Publications

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