Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Look, New Name, Same Great Broadway Style

Hey folks...I'm back.

Yes, after months and months of blogging silence, we're up and running again. With a new and improved look!! Thanks so much Maiedae!!

It was a tough decision because it actually takes time to blog. And with 2 babes....that's a highly valued resource. But I've had several requests for it, so here we are. Lots of changes in the past year and so much to be excited for in 2014.

No big post today, just wanted to let you know we're back. So browse around, tell your friends, and let the games begin!! You can also check out my new pages up top. Gives you something to do other than work. I mean...than...well whatever.

Don't forget to break out into a little choreographed song and dance today. Makes life more enjoyable.


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