Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Breastfeeding Propaganda

Oh yes. Yet another post about breastfeeding.

I've become very weary of the anti-breastfeeding world. And I'm not talking about the mamas who feel like they can't do it, or even the mamas who don't want to do it. I'm talking about the mamas who treat those of us who are doing it like we're weird or crazy or "granola." Whatever that means.

You wouldn't be calling Eve "granola" or treating her like she's a loon for feeding her child the way God made her body to. Even the formula companies agree that "breast is best."

And HEAR ME - I am NOT saying if you didn't nurse your kid that you made a wrong choice or that you're a bad mom. What I am saying is just because you didn't breastfeed doesn't mean you should make me feel like a Crazy for doing it!! It may have been inconvenient for you to nurse but it's extremely convenient for me (and my baby) to nurse. And we'll do it until he's done.

This blog popped up in my feed today and it was a homerun as far as I'm concerned.

If I get one more question or snarky comment about covering up in public for modesty's sake (which I do) or about people's "rights" to do as they please in this arena, I might pop.

What the non-breastfeeding crowd doesn't understand is that those of us who do nurse our children are just as much (if not more so) persecuted for our choice than they. There's a lot of irony there.

Eat up babies. No matter how you do it. And tell your mamas to be nice.

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