Monday, April 14, 2014

"Pollen Vortex!!!" "Shower Before Bed!!" And Other Tales of Allergies in the News....

Although allergies are no joke, this made me chuckle as I opened my inbox this morning. The Pollen Vortex!!! (Gasp!!!) And crunchy ways to take care of yourself during it's brutal quake!! Including a shower!!!!

I wanted to find a picture of the Mucus Queen from Billy Madison, but there wasn't a good one that didn't seem inappropriate in someway. So insert that memory of her wiping snot on her chest

Ok all kidding aside, if you need some natural help from allergies (that won't break the bank and won't have you reaching for homemade granola....although there's nothing wrong with that if that's your deal), then for the love of Pete, try Vemma. It's gotten my mom off allergy meds and chronic sinus infections, and it's helped a handful of our friends write farewell letters to their monthly (and sometimes weekly) dates with a needle-wielding allergist. For you - Vemma 1 Pack for a month. For your kid - Vemma NEXT 1 pack for a month. It's under $2 a day, so quit your belly aching and do it. Unless you're one of those people who likes to be miserable. But I hope you aren't. 

(To hear more about what Vemma has done for us and can maybe do for you too, see my page at the top take back your life.)

Now...for your reading pleasure....

“Brutal” Allergy Season Expected.

ABC World News (4/13, story 9, 1:30, Muir) reported, “We’re going to turn now to what is expected to be a brutal allergy season.” Due to the polar vortex and a longer lasting winter in much of the country, “so much is budding out there at once, it’s creating what some are calling the pollen vortex.”
        NBC Nightly News (4/13, story 11, 1:25, Quintanilla) reported that Dr. Mika Roberson, of the Care Point Health Medical Group in Hoboken, NJ, explained that immunotherapy shots taken three to six months before high pollen season may help some people, but people suffering right now are advised to see their physicians and “get skin tested” to ascertain precisely what allergens are bothering them. Over-the-counter nasal sprays and antihistamines can provide some relief.
        The ABC News (4/14, Mohney) website reports, ABC News medical correspondent Jennifer Ashton, MD, “says there are new medications available to those in need including Oralair [grass pollen allergen extract], a new medication made up of freeze-dried grasses that can help combat allergies.” According to experts, “using a neti pot, showering before bed to get rid of pollen particles on the body and keeping windows closed to keep out errant pollen particles are all key.”
        The New York Post (4/12, O'Neill) and the Slate Magazine (4/12, Holthaus) “Future Tense” blog also used the phrase “allergy vortex” in their coverage.

Copied from NAPNAP Publication "PNP Daily News"

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