Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I remember as a young child seeing my mom smile over us one night as my brother and I were eating our dinner. When I asked her what she was smiling about she had a simple reply that has lasted all these years in my memory, "Mother's love to see their babies eat."

I don't know if it stuck with me because it was such an odd reply for an young child to fully grasp? Or maybe I had already begun to understand God's working in my heart to fight for impoverished children. Either way, it stuck with me.

During lunch when I sat down with my nearly three year old over grilled cheeses and Sun Chips, we get a knock on the door. (Yes a knock. All potential ringers are warned of their responsibility to babysit if they ring the doorbell.) It's a bright orange box. Vemma.

As I bring it in, June starts saying, "NEXT?? I want NEXT! Pleeeeeease!!"

There goes that same smile across my face and warmth in my heart just as my mother had all those years ago. And I get it. Fully get it.

Cheers Junie. And Cheers to you Vemma NEXT.

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