Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Subscribe or Trash?

I have a new obsession. Subscriptions.

I'm not sure where it started. Oh yes I do. Junior High. Vogue. No, not Seventeen. Vogue. I've always had expensive taste. I can look at a mountain of shoes and my favorites will be the ones that are $500.

Every. Single. Time.

But I digress...

With the internet, Facebook, and Network marketing at an all time high, it's hard to know what's quality and what's just being shoved down your throat for a quick sale.

So here's a rundown of my favorite subscriptions. You can be your own judge. And please, leave in the comments YOUR favorites. I can always use a new one....Click on the title to go to their website.

Ok, we already covered that one. But here's the thing with Vogue. The contents aren't in my, um, budget. However the artistry in it's pages can sometimes be breath taking.
Cost: $12-18 dollars a year
Pros: beautiful, discounted from shelf price, great cover stories
Cons: unattainable contents, liberal news stories (maybe that's a pro to you...)

This was a fantastic little facebook find. You get 4 razors a month and a handle to start off your subscription. Honestly, I don't use 4 razors a month, but good grief, that's substantially less expensive than buying them at the grocery store. Not only that, these guys are pretty hilarious. Your monthly box comes with a quippy little magazine to read, complete with jokes, satire, and the occasional off-kilter comic. That alone is worth the subscription. Can be shared between 2 shavers.
Cost: $1-9 a month
Pros: great razors, ingenious packaging, attention to detail, satire
Cons: maybe too many razors?? (if that is a con...)

This is a really fun and creative subscription box for kids. It comes with 4-5 items per box ranging anywhere from toys, clothes, feeding utensils, books, snacks, and there's usually something for mom. A nice bonus. One of June's favorite toys has come from this box. We look forward to it every month. A lot of the items are also earth friendly in someway. There is also an option to switch from month to month gender and age.
Cost: $19-$29 a month
Pros: great content for kids, bonus gift for mom, earth friendly
Cons: a little more costly although worth the money, no way to automatically switch between children (have to log in each month)

Come on, you know I had to do it. There's too much to say about this in a short paragraph. But let me say a few words: energy, health, wellness, freaking fantastic. Vemma itself lowers your infection markers, naturally increases your anti inflammatory properties, and is a highly absorbable antioxidant. Vemma is the main flagship product with these wonderful benefits. Verve is the healthy energy drink that has a dose of Vemma in it. So who doesn't love healthy energy?
Cost: $64+ depending on products
Pros: again I say energy, less copays at the doctor, less missed work days (yes that's a pro), can provide income
Cons: the Verve packs need to come in 30's instead of 24 so you can have one each day a month

This is a new one to me, and I'm really excited to try it out. I have a hard time remembering to eat during the busy day with 2 ankle biters. And sometimes all June wants to eat is a "bar." I'm hoping this one gives us more options. There's a ton of natural ingredients. Looks fun.
Cost: $6 per box, ships weekly or every 2 weeks
Pros: healthy, gives you the option of "trashing" certain ingredients, tons of options
Cons: don't have any yet...stay tuned

I absolutely LOVE this magazine. It has a ton of fun (and realistic) options for family entertainment, meals, outings, you name it. The parenting suggestions are also doable, realistic, and won't leave everyone scarred at the end of the day. I also appreciate their stance on medical issues. Follow them on twitter.
Cost: $7.99 for 2 years
Pros: affordable, helpful, creative, realistic!
Cons: I need more time to sit down and read them

This was a fun idea but it missed the mark in a few places. They hide a ring (made in China) in a candle, and you burn your candle down to find the ring. They claim to have a $5000 ring in a candle somewhere...Each ring comes with a code to appraise your ring on their website. SPOILER ALERT: it's worth $10. You get a discount for your first candle, so it's worth doing one time. After all, you could have the $5000 ring.
Cost: $15-$24.99
Pros: fun idea, creative gift
Cons: a little on the expensive side, rings are too big for my scrawny fingers

Leave your favorites in the comments!

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