Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fighter Pilots, Kelly Clarkson, and The World Series

October 30, 2010 is a day I will never forget. Thanks to a very dear friend of my family's, we were fortunate to go to Game 3 of the World Series - the very first World Series home game in franchise history for the Texas Rangers.

Being long time fans, my family had an early start to the day. Dad and Davis had work to do, so they missed our "pre-show" Series fun and met up with us later. We started off the day by going to Jason's Deli for lunch. At the table next to us were a couple of guys in Air Force Pilot uniforms.

I whisper, "Hey bro, what do you bet those guys are flying over the game today?"

Of course we strike up a conversation with them and find out that they are the lucky ones chosen to time the flyover. Luckier than the pilots flying over, if you ask me. Jason ("Hollywood") stood at the dugout and Brian ("Vapor") stood on top of the scoreboard. They timed the flyover down to the second! Real nice guys. Ashley walked by the table and caught a "sneak" shot at Jason to which he said to Zack, "Women are silly." And Zack replied to the handsome soldier in uniform, "You two should know that better than most men..." Of course Z was encouraging Ashley to take off her wedding ring and flirt with them to get a ride in their jet. Silly bro.

Real nice guys. We saw them later at the game. So jealous they were on the field the day of a World Series game!! What an honor!

After lunch we were all so excited!! We basically RAN to the field from Lincoln Square. We sang, we cheered, we did the claw!

We got to the stadium early for BP along with about 2000 other crazed fans. The energy was incredible...

An incredible moment happend during the first pitch. Nolan Ryan threw the first pitch to catcher Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez. This was very special for us since we grew up watching Nolan and Pudge.

There was so much red and blue in the stands it was breath taking! Before the game even started the crowd was nuts. We chanted "Let's Go Rangers" through the entire Giants lineup!

Here's Josh Hamilton's introduction

Then one of my favorite parts of the whole day happened. Kelly Clarkson sang the national anthem. As you know....I'm kinda into the performing arts. So hearing her sing one of the most difficult songs of all time, on a day like this...wow. Amazing. And she knocked it out of the park.

The game was
so exciting! Josh Hamilton's home run was huge. There's nothing like a guy circling the bases to red fireworks and The Natural. Warms your blood.

The Final Out was more excitement than we could even stand. Oh my gosh...I still get crazy when I watch this video.

I'm so glad we were there for the Ranger's only World Series win. Next year boys....next year...

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  1. This was certainly a day to remember for a lifetime! I am so proud of our team. Can't wait until next season.