Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"One Thing Becomes The Next"

Betty Lynn Buckley is quite possibly the most gifted person I know. And I'm proud to say....I know her. She can sing "do be do's" and still mesmerize the class.

During class last night she said something that clicked with me. An "ah-ha!" moment, if you will.

"One thing becomes the next."

She's referring to different moments in a song. They are all connected ideas and thoughts and images although they are unique from each other. It can also apply to the energy of a song. If your energy with one idea or phrase is huge, and say the next image is meant to be more reflective, you can't rush to it. The energies must connect. Being a "master communicator," she teaches us how to evoke emotion and share entire experiences with our audience. So this idea that in a song one thing becomes the next is huge. Each idea or phrase is a new idea, a pearl. And the performer has to string those pearls together. The string though is delicate. It's made of silk, and it can break easily. But when done correctly, it's beautiful. Breath taking. Emotional. Luxurious.

The big "ah-ha!" came to me though when I realized how true this statement is for outside performance. One thing becomes the next. We're stringing our own set of pearls together. Some are round and shiny and beautiful. Some are dark and oval and dull. If one thing really becomes another, I guess the question we should be asking is...

What am I starting with?


  1. This is some great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dear Tiffany--So happy to read this today! Wonderful to have you back in class. You are truly a great singer & a wonderful person! x Betty Lynn

  3. And it is my honor to work with you! x BLB