Monday, November 15, 2010

We're Gonna Paint The Town And All That Jazz


Chicago here we come!

This week is the training event for church leaders for Compassion's newest ministry, Church To Church. We're excited to be linked with a church in Kenya, and we'll have more detailed info this week!

A trip is being planned for the key leaders after the first of the year, and a subsequent trip will be open to members of Celebration that will be planned for late summer or early fall of 2011. If you're interested, go ahead and get your name in. Without having met the church yet, we're not sure exactly what the trip will entail, but I can tell ya, you'll wanna be a part of it.

Having traveled with Compassion International in the past, I learned so much about the heart of God's people and how the global church is effectively empowering the poor.

Our involvement with C2C will bring not only an immense opportunity for personal growth and a challenge to be involved and aware about how our brothers and sisters across the globe live, but it will also bring hope and encouragement to a church who is striving to reach their community for the name of Jesus Christ....

And all that jazz.

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