Thursday, June 24, 2010

Barbra Freaking Streisand

She's basically the bomb. Don't believe me? Go listen to "Just Leave Everything To Me" from Hello Dolly. Geez Louise.

2.) Apple iOS 4, thank you.

3.) If you haven't bought Refuge yet from Amazon, do it today. See the link on the right. Do it.

4.) I finished Anthony Rapp's autobiography "Without You." Skip it. (For the Sad Sack reading this that doesn't know who AR is - ever heard of RENT? Dazed and Confused? I thought so!)

5.) Savy Health Tip of the week: don't share antibiotics with friends! When your NP or doctor writes you a prescription for antibiotics, take the full amount EVEN IF YOU FEEL BETTER after a couple of days. Not finishing a full course of antibiotics and/or sharing them leads to drug resistant bacteria in your body. That means the next time you take the antibiotic it won't work! MRSA originates here!

Moving on....

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