Monday, June 14, 2010

"Broadway rhythm it's got me...."

"....everybody dance!!" (Singing In The Rain! Come on people, get with the program!!!)

Did you watch the Tony's last night? No? That's ok, you didn't miss much. Very unimpressed this year. Of course, after last year's opening number when the company from Hair dominated the stage (and audience), how could it be any better? Let's start with the top, shall we?

The kiss between Kristin Chenowith and Sean Hayes. Hi-lar-i-ous!! Dang. I watched it like 3 times.

Scarlett wins for Best performance by a Film

actress in a Play. EEEHHH - try again. That was
just wrong. She was ok at best. Liev :: great. Jessica Hect :: great. Scarlett :: obviously a first timer on stage. It was great to see her live (even though we didn't hit if off after the performance and become best friends like I always thought we would....she wasn't real friendly......), but she didn't deserve a Tony. Shoulda gone to Jessica.

Sound. Seriously?? There is absolutely no need for all the sound problems! These people are professionals. But still, on MULTIPLE occasions the actors were singing....and no

Jonathan Groff and Lea Michelle. Besties. Need I say more? Don't rain on my parade.

Katie Finneran's acceptance speech for Promises, Promises was adorable....borrowing Kristin Chenowith's eyelashes?! I want some!!

Ok, that's it. Broadway, I love you, but I need more from you this next year. Give us some more stop your heart, make you fly, want to laugh and cry and sing for joy moments. More Aida. More Wicked. More Next to Normal. We NEED it!!!

In all honesty, it's in those moments that I feel the creativity of God in the deepest parts of my gut. The rise and swell of the harmonies. The depth and intensity of the colors. The tiniest attention to detail. All things the Great Creator can be rightly accused of. And Praise the Lord for it!

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