Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh no. I'm blogging.

I have to say it, I've always thought the blogging stuff was stupid. And probably still do. I mean, who gives a rip what I'm doing or thinking or saying (or not saying) anyway? After all, I don't really care to get on the computer, look up someone I don't know, and read all about who cut them off on the highway and what revelation they had afterwards. So why should anyone else?

Seriously. Who cares. (Yes, that was really meant as a statement and not a question.)

So why am I doing it then......goooooood question.....I'm not sure I know really why. But here's a list I've started so far, in no particular order:

1. I often get in trouble for speaking my mind to people, so I'll try spitting it out into the abyss of bloggers world
2. Maybe I'll get a kid or 98 sponsored through Compassion International with my stories and pictures and letters from my own 4 sponsored kids and 1 correspondent. There really is a great big world out there people don't know about (and in all reality don't want to)
3. I liked the fuschia background that was available. It is, after all, the greatest color in existence

Although I love art and photography and all that other stuff that goes hand in hand with the blogging world, this isn't your blog for all that. (And seriously, couldn't "they" have come up with a prettier word than blog? It sounds like smog or bog. And those aren't pretty.)

So who am I? In short, I'm a wife, a daughter, a student, a worship teacher/leader at Celebration Fellowship church, a pediatric trauma and neurosurgery ICU nurse, a Compassion Advocate, and a broadway star (in my head). Yes, yes, I'm also busy. I love things that sparkle, have vibrant color (even blood), musicals on film and stage, traveling, and my dog Roxie.

I guess that about sums it up then.

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