Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Little Bit Wicked

I love when the mail comes. Now that school work is finally complete, and the "only" other commitment I have (besides the usual) is getting my practicum hours done, I've picked up reading again. All the time. I have caught myself wanting to leave dinner early or stop a movie in the middle so I can get back to my book. Today the mail brought me my next great read: A Little Bit Wicked by the great Kristin Chenoweth. Thank you Amazon. Good timing too. I'm seeing Wicked (minus her and the other great - Idina) on Wednesday at the all-too-horrid Fair Park. Eh, I'll slum it for the sake of hearing Defying Gravity live from 25+ feet in the air and watching a perfectly costumed company fill the stage as they sing about their short day in the Emerald City.

The last book I finished was one of my favorites probably ever - right next to the Scarlett Letter and the Mark of the Lion Series. Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers. I had no idea where it was heading and was rightly surprised and enthralled. (SPOILER ALERT: the main character's daugther gets sick with pneumonia and is taken care of by a nurse....she starts her path to becoming a nurse right before the start of WWII)

Right now I'm reading Without You by Anthony Rapp. Autobiographies are generally my favorites. I recommend Love, Lucy by Lucille Ball. Read it twice. And the one by Mickey Mantel...although I can't think of what it's called. Did I even spell his last name right? How imbarassing...

In light of many clinical hours completed and many more to come....I leave you with todays Savy Health Tip: don't stop taking your daily medications because they've fixed you. For example, if you're an asthmatic, don't stop taking your daily controller medication because you haven't had a bad attack lately (the controller has kept you from a bad attack); if you've got high blood pressure, don't stop taking your medication because they've been normal (the medication has kept you from having high BP); if you're depressed, don't stop taking your medication because you have felt well (the medication is helping you not feel down).... on top of preventing all those primary maladies, they're also preventing much worse things like lung remodeling, kidney failure, in my best commercial voice I say.....please, discuss with your doctor or nurse practitioner before making any changes to your medications.


  1. I love Kristen Chenoweth she's fantastic and I hope they make Idina a semi-permanent character on Glee!! And I've read Love Lucy, so many times that the pages are all worn and I've gone back and highlighted, it's like Lucille Ball's guide to life :-) love it, have fun at Wicked

  2. I agree with the preventive medicine route! Mike and I are having full body scans in another week by Life Line screening. They will screen us for: Carotid artery disease (stroke), Atrial fibrillation (stroke), Abdominal aortic aneurysm, Peripheral Arterial Disease and Osteoporosis. It only cost $149 for all five tests! What is the life of you or your loved one really worth? I say way more than $149!!!! You have a much better chance of beating it any disease, BEFORE symptoms appear! So get those pap smears and mamagrams too girls!!!

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