Monday, July 19, 2010

Apparently orphans dream like I do

I can only imagine how many people didn't read this post because the title had the word "orphan" in it....

Saturday Davis and I welcomed in our newest family member - Compassion sponsored child Agnes. She will be celebrating her 14th birthday on August 6th. So exciting for a Compassion child to receive a sponsor at the time of their birthday. Agnes is special to me for a few reasons.

For one, she's an orphan. Her home is Tanzania, Africa which is a country highly populated with HIV/AIDS. I can only imagine the fate of her parents. She lives with her grandmother and sister.

For another reason, Agnes is a girl. Although I love the 3 boys we sponsor and the 1 correspondant, I have a deeper connection to our (previously) only sponsored girl Mukantwari in Rwanda. You may remember that Mukantwari sent me a letter in January (written on the day I flew into Haiti) stating she had a seizure. I received a letter from her last week that said she was glad to hear that I am a "doctor" that takes care of children with seizures, and she wanted to know if patients get better when they take their medication every day like she does. (Good girl. Americans don't take their medication every day. Maybe there's a different value of life when you've seen it needlessly lost as her country surely has.) The nurse in me wants to get on a plane and fly myself (and a CT scanner) to Rwanda to get a full health history and some images. But I have to trust that God will divinely protect her from some tumor or other serious condition causing the seizures. Or, if He doesn't, He's given the glory from us anyway.

Another reason I chose Agnes....her favorite activities are singing, playing house, and arts.

A girl after my own heart.

You can sponsor an orphan through Compassion as well. The sponsorship helps provide for their physical, spiritiual, emotional, and social needs. All through the local church in the name of Jesus. Copy and paste to see them here:

Tonight is my 3rd class with Ms. Betty Buckley. It's been a great experience.

Haven't even hurled once.

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