Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Thousands flee in panic!"

Ever seen Newsies? Writing a blog title is kinda like that. What can the title say that'll make you read it? It's tricky really because I've got only a few lines to summarize an entire blog while peaking your interest. There's a scene in Newsies where Jack Kelley played by Christian Bale (sigh) shouts his own version of the headline to the crowd: "Ellis Island in flames!! Thousands flee in panic!" However, the story was really about a trash fire that terrified some seagulls.

Thankfully that is not what my blog is about today.

That's just my catchy headline.

So what's the point? The point is, I need you to "follow" me. Not in the Jesus-said-take-up-your-cross-and-follow-me kinda way, but in the I'll-read-your-blog-when-I-get-a-sec kinda way.


Because I'd like 2011 to be the year I enter to be a Compassion blogger and go on a trip with them! Hopefully to one of the 6 countries I have Compassion connections and invested interests.

India, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Guatemala, or last (but definitely not least)....


When I returned home from Haiti in late January, I waited hopelessly for my phone to ring to hear the voice of my Compassion disaster relief team leader on the other end asking for me to return.

To no avail.

Someday I'll return. Hopefully as part of a team like the one Compassion put together this past winter.

And hopefully I'll be found just as useful.

I didn't think I'd end up in Haiti at the end of this blog. I guess my headline wasn't so off the wall afterall.

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  1. I have requested to become a partner to correspond with a kid that does not get letters! They are sending me a packet. So now I will have 2 kids to sponsor, one extra kid to write and support Child Survival!! Yay yay what fun!!!