Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's kinda funny...

It's funny how some things don't work out how you think they will. I guess that's just life though, eh?

This past week -- scratch that -- this past year has been a picture of that. Up. Down. Left. Right. Here. There. Yes. No....


I guess all we can do is be prepared and take life as it comes. In all it's changing and unpredictability. "Be prepared"...sounds like it could be a song from an animated Disney movie....oh, wait...

So I continue on in preparation. Error correct. Keep a one-pointed focus. Soham.

Change is inevitable. Pain is inevitable. Uncertainty is inevitable. Error correct -- Joy is present. Family is constant. Jesus lives.

It's funny how some things don't work out, but then again, it's funny how somethings do.

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