Sunday, September 19, 2010

And the winner is......


Finally!! A notch in my sad excuse of a recent win column. Pediatric Primary Care boards are passed and done with!!! I may now proceed with my life.

What's next? Finishing my acute care hours, interviewing for a job, and taking my acute care boards. (Yes, 2 licenses means 2 boards....3 if you count my already passed RN board exam. It's just an adding on of extra letters at this point....)

On the already pressing calendar for fall of twenty-ten:

Compassion Advocates retreat on October 8-9 in my old stopping grounds of Waco, TX! B B BAY L L LOR BAY LOR Baylor Bears fight!

Then it's off to the Church To Church training event in South Barrington, IL with Compassion International mid-November. Hopefully we'll finally make a trip by the history museum to see the Man Eaters of Tsavo! Fitting since we're going there for Kenya purposes in the first place.

Tuesday night my hubs and I leave with my parents for a graduation celebration (and now a passing of the board exam celebration)! Rome, Athens, Grecian islands, and Venice here we come!!!

Later gators.

Tiffany Morgan, RN, MSN, PNP-BC
(pending online recognition from the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners)

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  1. Super proud of you!!! You're my smart friend. No offense to my other friends. Good thing no one else reads this. Oh. Wait. dang it.

  2. Awesone! Have fun on the graduation celebration!