Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fit as a Fiddle...(Athens)

...and ready for love...(Singing In The Rain) Sorry, haven't used any of my regular broadway song and dance style of blogging in a there you go.

If you didn't know already by previous posts, I was fighting an intense allergy attack the last day of Rome and the first day in Athens. I went through 4 travel packs of tissue in about 7 hours and FINALLY got my hands on some Zyrtec. Funny...I was looking for an antihistamine in the Rome airport without a decongestant and had to translate through some rough Italian on the boxes. No go. Everything has some form of phenyleph....blahbadie blah. So at the airport in Athens I found the pharmacia and went straight for the pharmacist.

"Hello, excuse me, do you speak English?"

Now understand, I'm completely against just sauntering into someone elses country and immediately asking something without giving at least an attempt at speaking the language.....

But we'd been there maybe 3 minutes.....

And Greek is hard....

Like, real hard....

"Hello, yes I do, of course."

Of course she does. And she's adorable. I ask for an antihistamine without the D. She says to me in wonderful English with an endearing accent, "well yes, what do you know of...?mmmm...Zyrtec?"

Praise the Lord. There's Zyrtec in Greece. I almost bought all she had.

Now the thing is, without going into detail, I can't really tell you exactly how much snot we were dealing with here. Think wheelbarrows. Think tsunami. I was worried this morning that the lack of noseblowing while I slept may have lead to a sinus infection, but I think we're good as a fiddle...

So today we hit the streets. Let me say, Athens ain't no walk in the park lady. It's rough out there. I'm pretty sure our hotel is just a Gaza strip away from Afghanistan. Lots of rough characters out there. All men. Athens isn't in great shape. Spray paint (although immaculate and impressive) is everywhere. No wonder Britain won't give them their own artifacts back. Take care of your crap people.

Ok. So the Acropolis....uh, hello. Wow. Amazing.

Self portraits make me laugh.

Me and dad trying to get it just right....

Here's the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, translation ancient theater holding about 5,000:

On Mars Hill where Acts 17 occurred:

Tomorrow morning we leave for the cruise through the islands!! Heck yes.

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  1. Sounds like a roller coaster, but, I don't have any crap people.