Friday, September 24, 2010

When in 2

Buona sera folks. At least it's nighttime here....

Last day in Rome. Tomorrow it's off to Athens, Greece.

Tonight's blog is all about food. Rightly so. We're in It'ly for cryin out loud! (Ever seen Only You with hunky hunk RDJ in it? The guy that plays Bonnie Hunt's husband - also the guy who plays the bad guy in a movie about the Luigi brothers - says, "It'ly? What's she doin in It'ly?!") Ok....

But before we get to the's one of me at the Pantheon. Frickin amazing. Seriously.

We saw several Bernini's today in little, off-the-beaten-path churches like this one:

And we were promptly kicked out even though we were quiet and respectful. Ain't no hospital church, that's for dang sure.

And we saw Michelangelo's Moses. But I didn't catch that one with the iPhone. Sorry.

Ok, so here is a replay of some of the best food I've ever eaten.

Mom's ravioli from lunch was perfect. The "red" sauce is really light:

My "grilled cheese and ham" simply amazing....

Well the menu didn't lie. It was grilled cheese with ham. Sans bread. The Atkins form of a grilled cheese. Grazie Roma!!

Some AMAZING candy from a sweet little Italian guy:

Mint and chocolate gelatto...yes please:

And for dinner, the piece de resistance....

Authentic lasagna for Davis (again with the perfect "red" sauce):

And tornelli caccia e pepe for me! (Noodles with goat cheese and pepper....served in a pastry...)

With this work of Bernini's as the view:

Ciao Rome! Arrivederci! E Buona sera!

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  1. I'm so jealous!! The pics of the food are making my mouth water!! Have a great time in Greece!! :o)