Friday, October 15, 2010

Calling All exScrapbookers!!!

Hello to you who only thought you were that crafty.

Hello to you who got sucked into the world of tiny stamps and brightly designed paper.

Hello to you who lost the time to care.

Hello to you who had well intentions of keeping the memories of your small children together in a pristine little scrapbook with pristine little cutouts and pristine cornered pages.

Your time for redemption has come!!!

On November 7th there will be an area-wide Christmas letter writing party for Compassion sponsors! And we need your extra scrapbooking material.

ANYTHING you have will be greatly appreciated, but we are specifically looking for:

ink pads
letter cutouts
shape cutouts
color pens/pencils
Christmas "flavored" papers/stickers/cutouts etc.

Let me know you've got them, and we'll get it from ya! An easy drop off at Celebration Fellowship in the office can be arranged as well.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Tip, I'm sure I've got some stuff left over from my senior scrapbook. I'll look when I go home next weekend and bring what I can to you next Sunday