Monday, October 25, 2010

You'll Be Happy to Know - I'm Going

That's right folks. I'm going to the World Series. Saturday.


There's perks to a blog. Or maybe it's being a preachers kid. Or maybe both.

No wait. What am I saying...few perks to being the preachers kid. But I think it was a combo of both. Love by proxy.

I'll take it.

So we're loaded with Rangers gear, World Series tickets, and a heart full of hope.

And you know what? Thank you Rangers. Good frickin' grief. What a sad sack of a year it's been, and here you go doing whatever you can to redeem it. I should give you guys an award. 5 Gold Stars. And a claw.

My last post Why I Need A World Series Ticket has been my most visited post since Blogger added the stats option. But somehow....out of over 100 one commented directly to the blog....hmmmm. So I people not know how? No. That can't be it. It's so easy. Maybe they aren't really reading? No. Because people comment on them when they see me. So what is it then? You tell me.

In my comments of course. :)


  1. I'm commenting. This blog is shear awesomeness.

  2. That is so exciting! How did you get tickets? we've been trying since they went on sale. You guys are gonna have a blast, if it's anything like Game 6 it'll be a game to remember and photograph lots of pictures!!! :-)

  3. I was so confused when you came upstairs yesterday for like 2 seconds and then walked back out... then Davis explained

  4. I love blogger stats, but NO ONE has commented on my top post. lameface, it's amazing (because I didn't write it)