Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why I Need A World Series Ticket

I grew up on baseball. No really. I know people say that and it's America's favorite pastime and stuff, but when I say I grew up on baseball, I really did.

My mom is an avid baseball fan. That's really where it all starts. But here's a list of reasons on why you should help me get a ticket (or by all means "tickets") to a Texas Rangers World Series Game.

1. Most kids get lullabies sung to them as infants. As a baby I was sung to sleep to "Take Me Out To The Ballgame." True story.

2. When we'd come home from school in the afternoon it wasn't unusual to have mom say, "You guys want to go see the Rangers tonight?" And we'd say, "But mom we have homework..." And she'd say, "It's ok, just bring it with you!" So we spent many a cool spring and fall evening doing homework at the original Ballpark in Arlington.

3. We used to do birthday parties at the Ranger game. One year, we celebrated my July 10th birthday a little late...on July 28, 1994. Kenny Rogers pitched me a perfect game. This day is also my parents wedding anniversary. Our names were on the jumbo-tron.

4. I was selected as the Rainblo Celebrity Batgirl and received a tour of the stadium, a meet and greet with Jeff Frye (who hit me a homerun because I asked - and he wasn't a homerun hitter!), and a great ringer style tshirt that I still wear today.

5. We used to live behind Nolan Ryan and had so much fun driving through the neighborhood after his huge 5,000th strikeout! Signs in everyone's cool. It's so fitting he's the prez now. I know he'd appreciate me being there.

6. I continued to be such a huge baseball fan in college that I regularly attended Baylor baseball games by myself on Tuesday and Thursday nights (sometimes with homework - like the good ol' days)

7. I went to Baylor University with David Murphy and cheered him on for 2 full seasons of college ball. (Kelly Shopack was there at the same time. Go Bears, Go!)

8. I'm probably the only girl you know who's been to over a dozen stadiums, read autobiographies, and collected baseball memorabilia. I could hold intelligent conversations about who your "all time team" picks would be or why we SHOULD keep the DH around. That's gotta count for something.

9. My mom used to work out with the Texas Rangers. There's something real cool about players waving to your mom from the field. Makes you feel tall.

And finally....

10. I lost faith in the players after 2 strikes, a round of steroids, and the annihilation of legit baseball records from the greats of the past. However, the game stayed beautiful in my heart. This group of Texas Rangers has redeemed any hope in baseball that was once lost for me. Josh Hamilton, a story of redemption himself, leads the team with faith in Jesus Christ. After being asked about his post-season experience during the MVP award ceremony, he says, "First, all glory be to God, Jesus Christ." Now that's some baseball I can get on board with!

All of these things add up to one huge thing - I've been a Rangers fan my whole life, and I gotta get to that Series!

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